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This is the LJ community for attendees of The Slimelight, London's longest-running Goth and industrial club, it is not officially endorsed by the management of the Slimelight.
Links to more official services are available below.
The official Slimelight website and Steve's website.

If you lose anything at Slimelight then try 'phoning the office on 020 7837 6419 between 10:00 - 17:00 Mon-Fri to discover if it has been found.
Slimelight is usually open from 22:00 - 07:30, though is sometimes open earlier for special events.
It's address is:
Electrowerkz II,
7 Torrens Street,
The bar (on the goth floor) has a special offer before 23:00 of two drinks for the price of one. Alcohol is served until 05:00, with coffee, tea and sweets available after this time.
There is a cloakroom, costing £1.50 per item.
Any images and overlong posts must be behind an
<lj-cut text="lj-cut example"> </lj-cut> (look in the faq for more details).
Personal insults are not allowed and any threads containing them will be deleted.

the UK Goth Livejournal ring:
for news and happenings related to #uk_goths or netgoth, visit uk_goffs
for general goth related chat/news/happenings in the uk, visit uk_goths
post your reviews in gothic_reviews
for uk based gothic auctions (both posting and reading), visit uk_ebay_goffs - do not post auctions on this community!
see also: whitby, infest_uk and the list of lj goth communities

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